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Two mamas, one small business from the heart


Private sessions and parties 



Deepen the connection between your body and mind with the power of movement. Peel back layers of yourself to explore the space within. Tune in to the present moment with guided breath and body awareness.


Energetically cleanse and heal your chakras, emotions and physical body through the healing of Usui Reiki. This powerful technique began in Japan and is now used in medical practices around the world.


Connect with your highest self through the holistic lens of tarot card reading. This session is done channeling your guides and leaves you with the answers to navigate your life path.


Disconnect and go inward through guided meditation. Use this practice to decrease stress and anxiety and increase brain function and manifest your future.


Your chart is mapped uniquely based on the exact time you were born. Astrology helps us navigate these patterns, behaviors, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Each planet holds energy that we can utilize in order to grow.


Just like our bodies, our homes hold the energy of everyone they come in contact with. Simply clearing and resetting the energy of the home promotes healthy communication, better sleep, empowerment in the kitchen and an overall feeling of peace. This session is done with palo santo, reiki and crystal placements provided by Fortune & Flow.