Our Story

Once upon a Halloween party, ten women came together to embrace the power of gathering, incite some fun, peek into and play with their fortunes through tarot, and stretch into their flows through yoga. 

What started as a small gathering among close friends has evolved and grown into Fortune & Flow, co-founded by Jessica Viscusi and Jennifer Sinclair. 

Fortune & Flow embodies the active practice of new-age spirituality. Ego and fear are out. Human connectivity, inclusion, self-empowerment, and balance are in. An alternative to religion, Fortune & Flow replaces God with The Universe, prayer with manifestation, and church with group meditations. 


Rewind almost a decade; Jess and Jenn were living very different lives. Jess had worked in the fashion industry with her own showroom while Jenn was a photographer. In 2011, they put their careers on pause when they had their first babies. Both new moms with little ones only a few months old, a mutual friend suggested they meet. 

During spare moments in-between navigating mom life, the duo dreamed of creating something to connect and bring people together, especially moms. The timing never seemed to align. 

In 2013, both women brought their second babies into the world, and realizing time stops for no one, the two found ways to move closer to their passions, if only inch by inch. 

Jess has always been interested in ‘fortune telling’ and connecting with the other side. She yearned to share her gifts to empower and connect others with the highest version of themselves, but she wasn’t quite sure on the how part. Rather than stay stuck on the how, Jess took action and immersed herself in tarot and learning everything she possibly could about the cards. 

Jenn began practicing yoga regularly with a yearning to understand the different layers of herself, and combat some of her own personal anxieties. Connecting her body and mind through movement, she untapped a seemingly infinite well of healing. She discovered such relief that she decided to dive deeper into yoga, and committed to completing her teacher training. 

Equipped with such powerful tools, the two randomly decided it would be fun to bring their friends together to teach yoga and play with tarot. Back to the beginning, this is the fated Halloween evening that changed everything.


The small gathering was such a hit that word spread instantly. Jess and Jenn had stumbled upon something sacred, something so many were starving for – the need for like-minded women to connect with themselves in a down-to-earth, approachable and authentic way. No fancy pre-reqs required. Jess and Jenn had successfully demystified wellness. 

Through word-of-mouth alone, requests began pouring in and the two women knew they needed a name, an entity, a vehicle in which to deliver and share their gifts. At the suggestion of Jenn’s mother-in-law, the name Fortune & Flow took form with Jess inspiring the Fortune part and Jenn inspiring the Flow part. Requests evolved from small gatherings to larger groups, bachelorette celebrations, girls’ nights, and more.

Today, Fortune & Flow’s core offerings of tarot and yoga are accompanied by mediumship, guided meditation, Reiki, astrology, and a variety of interactive workshops. Clients can book privately or within a group setting. Big or small, the power lies in the vision of what Jess and Jenn truly believe and reinforce through every interaction – that all of life’s answers already lie within ourselves.  

This belief touches everything Jess and Jenn do. They believe everyone has the power within themselves to achieve anything they desire. While the how, when or what may still appear blurry, the only necessary key to moving forward is the knowledge that you already have everything you need. This is the foundation. This is the place to begin. 

Fortune unravels where energies flow.